This citizen science project aims to improve our understanding of domestic gardens in Manchester and the benefits that they provide us.

We are particularly interested in finding out how much green space, including trees, shrubs and grass, exists in gardens in Manchester. Green space provide us with many benefits, called 'ecosystem services'. Green spaces can help to cool the air, improve air and water quality, absorb water, support wildlife, and provide a setting for recreational activities.

The information that you provide to us in the My Back Yard survey will be combined with analysis from satellite images and scientific models to quantify and map ecosystem services provided by gardens across Manchester.

This information will be used to develop recommendations that will aid planning and investment decisions relating to green space in neighbourhoods. This will enhance the benefits that green spaces could provide to areas of specific need, particularly where there is less green space within domestic gardens.

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Grant No.: NE/N017374/1


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Dr Gina Cavan at Manchester Metropolitan University